Friday, September 24, 2010

Off the Wall Pals (chalk doodles)

It's always nice to have a house guest, even if it is animator/author Mr. Warburton*.

If nothing it's an excuse for a gathering. And since it had been a while since our dining room chalkboard walls had been attacked by various and sundry, we made sure to leave out the chalk.

Here are some highlights.

Mr. Warburton returns the warm feelings.

Hilary Price isn't so sure about the evening either:

Book guy Scott Fischer makes a self portrait:

...which Jarrett J. Krosoczka's robot isn't so sure about:

No one would think of cutting off Norton Juster's head. Especially with his lovely wife Jeanne in the room.

DJ Monte Belmonte on the other hand....

And we end with another lovely sketch by the lovely Rebecca Guay:

Huzzah! Why not have some pals over for a big old doodle fest?

(*here is Mr. Warburton's report)