Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 for 1!

Thanks to you KNUFFLE BUNNY FREE spends its 3rd week at the top of the NYTimes Bestseller list! I also hear that it will top the next PW bestseller list as well. Again, thanks go out to team Knuffle and to my audience.

I've been hearing great stories of laughs and tears from pals, via work, and twitter*. Someone even mentioned a first grade class breaking into applause at Trixie's generosity.

For those of you who worry that you'll have to give up your best friend soon, don't worry. Trixie only did it when and because she was ready. Take your time and hug your Knuffle.

FYI: Here's a picture of the production chart for the book. Each box represents a step for one of the images on each page after the photographs had been taken over the course of 18 months:

Thanks to all.

*Sorry I can't reply to everyone, but your nice words are great to read.