Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knuffled out!

I'm back from an exhilarating and exhausting tour. The crowds have all be great both is size and demeanor. It's such a kick to meet kids (and their favorite stuffed friends) so enthusiastic about books.

The biggest news during the tour is that, thanks to your support, Knuffle Bunny Free reached #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list! This is a milestone that can only have happened with the great work and dedication of my editor Alessandra Balzer, agent Marcia Wernick and the fantastic crew of publicists, designers, and production folk at Harper. Thanks to all.

Elephant and Piggie held in there at #9 as well. Granted, the NYT also described the picture book as a comatose medium on the same day, but I'm taking it as a victory before moving onto Vaudeville.
I had some fun extra curricular activities as well, foremost of which was visiting the set of long time pal David Wain's upcoming comedy Wanderlust.

It was co-written with Ken Marino and includes Kerri Kenney, all of whom were sketch comedy pals and rivals during our college days. I'd last hung out with David and Rob Cordry on the set of their TV show Children's Hospital, but this was a shoot of an entirely different magnitude.

It was great to hang with them and meet the other actors, all of whom were super nice and great fun to be with. David's report of the day is here. Check out his blog if you're interested in the process of making features, he's quite generous with details of the day to day workings.

Thanks also to Kevin Seal, Lynn Shelton, Tom Warburton, Bob Boyle, Michael Buckley, Tom Angleberger, Bryan Batt (who went to my high school) & Jon Scieszka for fun dinner conversation.

Mr. Scieszka and I also had fun tearing it up yesterday at a panel during the Southern Book Fest.

Thanks to all for such fun times.

And considering that big Knuffle Bunny was hugged and squeezed and generally manhandled by many thousands of kids, he doesn't look to much worse for wear:

Two more events in October, then back to work!

Oh, and here's a nice article about both Knuffle Bunny Free and City Dog, Country Frog...

And if you're ever in Portland, check out the Heathman Hotel's full library of signed 1st editions of books by guest. KBFree is in there along with pals like Ridley Pearson. A fantastic resource!