Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WE ARE IN A BOOK! recieves 2011 CYBIL AWARD!

A big thank you to the CYBILS committee for awarding one of my favorite books, Elephant and Piggie's WE ARE IN A BOOK!, their 2011 award for Easy Readers.   As you can see, both Gerald and Piggie are thrilled.

They say:

Exquisite use of limited language? Check. Laugh-out-loud humor? Check. Meets new readers on their level but doesn't condescend to them? Check. Intertextual connections? Yes, indeed.

The CYBILS are a 'peoples' award, given by and voted by enthusiastic bloggers, librarians, teachers, and their ilk who are on the front lines of reading books to REAL kids.

In past years WATCH ME THROW THE BALL! and I LOVE MY TOY! have been picked in this category, so it's a triple thrill to know Elephant and Piggie are still in the game.