Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm off!/Mega Yay Fan Mail edition!

For a break, to see some pals, and a book signing on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 3pm in Paris, France.

"L’Attrape Cœur"
4 place Constantin Pecqueur
75018 PARIS

This will be my first signing in France where I'll be reading from books like Guili Lapin
Léonardo, le monstre épouvantable, and Vive la pluie !  in my broken french along with translation services by an old Swiss pal from my traveling days. If you're in Paris, please drop by!

There might be an occasional 'tweet' from The Pigeon while I'm away.  Until then, please enjoy this mega-edition of Fan Mail Favorites:

Piggie & Knuffle bunny at a disco!

Love Birds!

A minimalist exploration of CAN I PLAY TOO?

Pigeon invasion!

Like? No, I LOVE this picture! Gerald has just realized he doesn't know how to play bass guitar!

I thought it was for "Willems".

Love the (maybe)

Here is a heavily illustrated letter.

Here is a heavily lettered illustration.

Here are both!

Really? I'm going to have to look out for that!

1st appearance of the FUNNY BUNNY WUNNY 3000.

Tee hee!

I'm getting more and more fan mail from older kids & I love their take on the Pigeon.

Excellent Trixie drawing.

I was never good at Anatomy.


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