Monday, April 25, 2011

Radio Interviews/Fuzzy Eggs...

In preparation for the Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator Tour that begins Sunday, I will be spending tomorrow (Tues, the 26th) talking to a bunch of folks on the radio.  If you're in the listening area, please tune in (but keep in mind that these radio things notoriously reschedule at the last second).

The plan is to be chatting tomorrow morning at:

7:20 am EST USA Radio's DayBreak USA

8:05 am EST Norfolk VA's WVES-FM

8:30 am EST Orlando FL's WRHB-AM

9:35 am EST Mid OH Valley's WMOV-AM

11:00 am Mountain on AZ's KZUA-FM

I'll also be having conversations with Detroit MI's WGRT-FM, San Antonio TX's "Some Books Considered" on KTXI, NYC's "Change Your Voice" on WNYM-AM, and my pals over on Albany's NPR station WAMC-FM's "Round Table".

Tune in  if you can!

Oh and here's a short review of Amanda from the Chicago Tribune.

Also, a few pictures of Knuffle Manor's egg decoration for the year:

Yes, the eggs were all that fuzzy.

Oh, and now the commuting penguins are going green (Did you know Penguins are ticklish? Just found out):

Did you have a big old family draw this weekend?  How about next weekend?