Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thanks to you...

My last week in NYC was a blast.  Besides readings (thanks for showing up, Brooklyn!) and work, I was able to reconnect with a bunch of pals, neighbors, and a good chunk of the crew of Codename: Kids Next Door, where I served as head writer for 4 seasons.  Everyone is scattered to the cartoon winds, making cool shows or books and stuff.  It was fun to see.

I even got to get a game of pentanque in between two meetings.

On Sunday I attended the MoCCA Fest (gotta love a fest that begins with 'Mo') with my first boss in TV and current New Yorker cartoonist Robert Leighton .

Making sketches for fans with KND grad & awesome comic book guy Mike Cavallaro and old pal Bill Plympton at MoCCA
We bumped into literally tons of cartoonist and animation pals past, present, and future.  If you're anywhere near NYC next year and you love interesting comics, don't miss the MoCCA Fest!

Wimpy Kid "Discoverer" & all around nice guy Charles Kochman and I discuss Wacky Packages and Laura Lee Gulledge's Page by Paige, a great new kids comic that my kid devoured on the train ride home.

Speaking of New York, thanks to you, Elephant and Piggie's I Broke My Trunk! returned to this weeks New York Times Bestseller list at #9.  Thanks, you.

I Broke My Trunk! also received a nice review from Booklist, who said:

"As usual, Willems’ use of pastel colors and vast white backdrops work minimalist wonders, making this another fine outing of this most dependable of series."

Thanks, Booklist!