Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elephants, Piggies, Triangles, Cartoonists, & Yay Richard!

It's been a crazy week of work, visiting with pals, fans, making new pals, & meeting heroes, perhaps the most fun week in my professional life to date.

NYC's Book Expo was great fun, especially as the event heralded the debut appearances of ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE as gigantic costumes.

My creations are bigger than I thought!
Piggie trades up & makes pals with Spiderman!

In addition to signings (thanks for waiting in line!) and meetings and stuff, and running into old pals like Brian Selznick, Sean & Selina Quals, Kevin Henkes, Lane Smith, Molly Leach and more,  BEA also features the "Disney Dinner", where a bunch of authors avoid talking about their latest books by roasting each other.  This year was great fun as always, especially as it was the first time we managed to get Eoin Colfer, Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry, Rick Riordan, and myself all in the same room.  To celebrate we sang our protest song "Too Many People are Writing G-D-mn Children's Books".  Rick had his folksy guitar (from his hippie days), while I accompanied on Triangle, which I played like it only had 2 sides.  Here's Dave Barry's report.  Here, one from Publisher's weekly.

I also got a great game of Pentanque in at Bryant Park.
Then it was off to Boston for the National Cartoonist Society Ruebens  convention where the family hung out with great pals like Patrick McDonnell, Hilary Price, Charlie Kochman, Stephan Pastis, Jerry Scott, Lincoln Pierce, Jeff Kiney and more.  We also met and hung with the great Sergio Aragones, Arnold Roth,  Mike Luckovitch, Jeff Keane and more!  Wow! I even got to introduce a former employer, R.O. Blechman as he received a lifetime achievement award for his work.
But the night belonged to pal Richard Thompson who was awarded cartooning's highest honor, the Reuben Award.  The announcement at the end of a long evening of comedy and awards brought the house to its feet.  Rock on, Richard!
Thanks to you, HOORAY FOR AMANDA AND HER ALLIGATOR! spends week 4 on the Indie Bestseller list.  Thanks, you!

 Oh, and here's a fun radio interview with WAMC's The Roundtable about Amanda and other books.

Now to clean up the office and get back to work.