Friday, May 13, 2011

SLJ Loves Elephant and Piggie, so does Scripps!

Two great reviews for two books about two best pals!

 In a starred review, School Library Journal praise's Elephant and Piggie's I BROKE MY TRUNK!, saying:
"The style may now be familiar, but the “Elephant and Piggie” stories remain fresh, amusing, and relevant to readers, who will sit on the edge of their seats as they eagerly anticipate the surprising turn of events. A winning addition to the series."

Over at the Scripps Howard News service, early readers are reviewed including Elephant and Piggie's upcoming dilemma drama, SHOULD I SHARE MY ICE CREAM?  They remark:
"Author/illustrator Mo Willems knows how to really tickle the funny bones of both children and adults... Both the text and illustrations in this book reflect Willems' mastery of comic timing, and his ability to say so much with so few words and lines."
The Fredericksburg Post also likes Elephant and Piggie.

SHOULD I SHARE MY ICE CREAM? hits the shelves in mid June.