Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Illustration Masters...

Monday I had great fun as a guest lecturer for pal Rebecca Guay's Illustration Master Class along with pal Peter DeSeve and James Gurney (from whom I stole a few of this post's images).

Rebecca Guay, Peter DeSeve, & myself with Chinese takout boxes.

It was much more fun that I could have imagined.  The students were top notch and nice as could be.  Among the faculty were pals like Scott Fischer and Adam Rex plus loads of brilliant artists I hadn't met yet.

Peter's lecture was funny and well drawn (it's always fun to hear him speak), the crowd was nice to me (especially when I mentioned the comics of Charlie Brown as a Teenager that I used to read.  They were called Spiderman), and James Gurney's talk on color literally blew my little popcorn mind. Crazy, interesting insights and approaches.

Really tremendous stuff.  Plus, I got a few charicatures of myself.

James Gurney's doodle of me.

James's wife's lovely sketch of me at work.

Another nice doodle!

If you are serious about illustration I'd suggest looking into next year's week long series of classes and studio time.

(Here's DJ Monty's report on the event)

Oh, and here are Elephant and Piggie this last weekend at the Bronx Zoo: