Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pals, Radio, Doodles, Pentanque...

I sat down yesterday with local radio hosts Bill Newman and Monte Belmonte for a fun chat about books, naming rights for sandwiches, and more.  Take a listen here (interview starts at the 32:30 mark).

Now, for a doodle.  Not one of mine (you can tell because it's so much better), but from my pal New Yorker illustrator Peter DeSeve of the two of us engaged in my favorite (and now his favorite) pastime, Petanque. (click to enlarge)

 I know, I know, WOW.  To show how much I love les joue des boules, here's a sneak peek of this fall's Elephant and Piggie book, HAPPY PIG DAY!, with Piggie enjoying her favorite pastime, pig-tanque: