Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner with the Carles...

This weekend included a fun dinner with pals Bobbie and Eric Carle who were in town promoting Eric's beautiful new book, The Man Who Painted a Blue Horse*, and helping fundraising for the Carle Museum.

As is tradition when folks come over, they draw on the walls and on the table.  This night, my wife asked me to come up with an theme for the walls.  As I've been drawing lots of vehicles lately, I thought I'd make transport without drivers so that we could fill them in during dinner.

Here are the empty cars and buses:

My first Triple-Decker Bus!

Here they are filled in with all sorts of wonderful weirdness:

Looks like Eric is a Squeegie Guy for the Very Commuting Caterpillar.

Cher made a glamorous dame.

The smoke in this racer doubles as a signature!

Bobbie made the alien, Trix the Pigeon, & I the aquarium.

A zoo of a bus!
There was also quite a bit of doodling on the table as well:

Cher is the queen of abstraction.  (She also draws abstracts)
Eric Carle's pals all hanging out together!

Some of my new pals.

Purple elephant

Trixie's baby is maaaaad!

She's also been deep into cats lately...

Bobbie's drawing is a funny joke.  But I forgot the joke.

Later, Eric started sketching portraits.
Not sure if I returned the favor, but it's great that he smiles while he draws.

Why not have so pals over and doodle over dinner?  It's fun!

*Stay tuned for info on a fun art auction of art inspired by Eric's book.