Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kirkus likes HAPPY PIG DAY!

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The folks over at Kirkus Reviews have some nice things to say about Elephant and Piggie's upcoming adventure, HAPPY PIG DAY!, including:
The elements that have made this series so successful and enduring are all present once again: a clean design (white background, lack of extraneous details, large type in word bubbles, etc.), a friendship theme and a satisfying resolution.... Ostensibly about celebrating porcine pride, this explores coping with feelings a child may have upon learning a best friend may actually have other friends... this one will not only encourage kids to give reading a go but will also teach them at least a few words in a new language: " 'Oinky! Oink! Oink!' … 'means Happy Pig Day in Pig.' 

Thanks, Kirkus! I hope you enjoy the story when it is released in October.