Thursday, October 6, 2011

Booklist likes SHOULD I SHARE MY ICE CREAM?, PW likes HAPPY PIG DAY, Knuffle Musical News

In a nice review from the fine folks at Booklist comes the following flattering commentary:

"Swift changes in text and image size provide much of the humor, though
nothing is funnier than Elephant’s rationalizing: “Sharing a flavor Piggie does not like would be wrong.” Is it even possible to get tired of these books?"
 Hopefully, the answer is "no".

Thanks, Booklist!

Over at PW, praise for the brand new HAPPY PIG DAY!  They say:

As always, Willems’s delightfully mismatched best friends communicate with bold declarations and gestural expressions that convey a vast range of recognizable emotions—from the agony of feeling left out to unbridled joy at celebrating all things pig.


Over at Parent's Magazine, there's a nice piece where various authors and illustrators who are moms and dads talk about getting kids to love reading.  I, along with some pals, contributed.

In an unrelated link, here is a nice interview with Tia "Trixie" Shearer about her role in Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical, which has just begun the last leg of its tour.

The original cast recording of the musical has just been "Recommended" by the fine folks at Parent's Choice.  They say:

"The simple story makes the transition surprisingly well into musical form, and is very reminiscent of adaptations of Maurice Sendak's work. The songs are sweet and quite humorous since all of Trixie's dialogue and song parts are in baby talk."
You can pick up your recording, or the special edition of the book and  recording at your favorite shop, or via the links.

And as an aside, Julianne Moore says nice things about Pigeon.