Thursday, November 17, 2011


Last weekend I paid a visit to Storrs, CT to read and sign at the CT Book Fair and attend a dinner with a bunch of pals.

But before all of that, the talented Matt Tavares and I took a quick backstage tour of the Dodd Center, an archive that houses a vast array of fantastic stuff in addition to having an archive of my early drawings, papers, and whatnot.

Matt and I on tour.

I'd not seen my work archived since sending it to them in 2007, so it was fun to how well they take care of them (my other papers are housed by the NY Department of Sanitation in Fresh Kills, Staten Island).

I even got to drop by and see my old drawing table that I worked on for 25 years (from age 13 until 38 or so).

Then the fun began.  We visited with a bunch of James Marshall's stuff, including early roughs, notes, and final works.

After that we poked around Richard Scarry's files.  Brilliant stuff, especially his rough drawings.

Plus, look at the title of this book:


I suppose I was a bit punchy at dinner after the great show, or just missing my normal dining-doodling routeen, but I started drawing all over the plates and cups.  Soon I was joined by Matt, Stephen Savage, Tomie DePaola, Wendell Minor, and a host of others.

I made a yelling guy. Matt turned him into Donald Trump.
Polar Bear in China, from Stephen Savage.
Everyone, except the waiters, had a ball. And those plates (except the 2 I snagged)?  Well, there's currently housed at the Dodd Center.

Huzzah, and thanks to Terri Goldich for the tour.