Monday, November 28, 2011


The family spent some of the holiday at the movies watching HUGO.

I couldn't be happier for pal Brain Selznick's recent successful movie adaptation of his successful opus The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  I remember a dinner 6 or so years back where he laid out the rough ideas of what he was working on.  It sounded so exciting and daunting.  Now to see his book get the acclaim it deserves followed up by a proper, respectful film treatment is awesome.

The Pigeon, however CAN'T STAND IT. He has to sneak in everywhere.

This is part of a larger prank. Here's a flashback post from the time the Pigeon hijacked one of Brian's presentations on Hugo.

The funny thing is this image somehow made it onto the official feed and got great placement in an Italian interview with Brian a few years back.

(Go see the movie. Oh, and: Bonus points for those who spot Brian in his cameo roll in the film)