Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'd like to take a moment to thank you, my supporters and readers, who are the bow on my happy package of family, health, and a rewarding job.

The end of the year is a time to reflect on one's good fortune and to find ways, however small, to ease the path for those with less opportunities.

Here are some groups both national and local whose work I admire:

One of the highest indicators of future financial and career success in life is having books in your home during childhood.  The number of Americans who don't have any books is both alarming and depressing.  Consequently most of my favorite groups' goals are to get as many books in as many hands as possible.

First Book supplies literally millions of books to kids around the nation who otherwise would not have them.  Innovations include a marketplace where registered charities and qualifying schools can get books at no-or-low cost.

First Book is also the Knuffle Studio's partner in the Friendiversary celebration that puts special First Book editions of Elephant & Piggie Books into the hands of every title 1 2nd grader in New Orleans, LA, Springfield, MA, and beyond. (More on this and how you can join the celebration next year).

First Book also works with Bess The Book Bus, a scrappy and awesome team that drives around the country distributing books to all sorts of folks.  It is the only bus the Pigeon is allowed to (try) to drive!

The Pigeon tries to get to the steering wheel

Reader to Reader also distributes books, focusing often on Native American communities and libraries damaged by inclement weather. Pal Norton Juster is a huge supporter of this gang of fine folks who roped me into making a logo for them.

Food insecurity is also a depressingly large problem for our country's children.  I'm sure your local food pantry would love any help whether it be donations, financial, or giving some time.  Our local pantry rocks and is filled with warm, fun people.

If you have the wherewithall or inclination, consider supporting one or all of these groups this year.


On a less dire, yet no less worthwhile note, you can easily support the awesome Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art by buying books 'n stuff from them.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!