Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get ready for the FRIENDIVERSARY!

The Week of February 7th is this year's Friendiversary!

What's a Friendiversary, you ask? It's the celebration of when two pals first met, in this case Elephant and Piggie. It's an opportunity for fun, games, friendship, and reading!

But it's actually an opportunity for you to get books into the hands of kids who otherwise might not have their own books at home.

For the past several years the Knuffle Studio has been giving books to 2nd grade New Orleanians in Title 1 schools. Last year we teamed up with the fine folks at First Book to insure that all 2nd graders in New Orleans, LA, and Springfield, MA, received a book of their own.  First Book created special editions of 4 Elephant and Piggie adventures and the folks at Hyperion created a fabulous Friendiversary activity kit.

The event was great fun and a big success.  This year, we're doing even more schools and we thought we'd open it up to anyone who wants to sponsor a deserving school in their community. 

One Friendiversary celebration will even get a visit from Elephant and Piggie themselves!

Details on the kits and how to participate are here!

And here's a video from last year's celebrations (& yes, I have no shame):

Friendiversary from First Book on Vimeo.