Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good-bye Mr. Searle

So sorry to hear yesterday of the passing of Ronald Searle who was the greatest cartoonist of them all in the opinion of pretty much anyone who has ever owned a nib.

I discovered his work at an impressionable age in college and immediately set about aping his style in my early films and comics as much as I could.  My travelog during my post-college year of travel, YOU CAN NEVER FIND A RICKSHAW WHEN IT MONSOONS, is particularly Searle-ly in a "I can't draw as well as him" kind of way.

His work spanned well over 60 years from the sublime, silly, serious, to the simply marvelous.

In addition to collecting numerous of his books, later in life I was lucky enough to acquire two Searle drawings solely for the purpose of marveling at them.

Thanks to Robert Forbes, a poet and pal of Searle's, I managed to get a few of my books to him. He replied both honestly and charmingly about my work, which is in itself an accomplishment. Even his penmanship was amazing.

Lucky to live in an era when he was still working so that you could open the NYTimes or the New Yorker and see a brand new drawing of his.

Here's an obit.

Here's the very good Searle Tribute Blog filled with his charming drawings.

Another overview of his career.

Here's a video interview he did a year or so back: