Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sheep in the Big City's (Almost) last Hurrah! & breakups...

Just before Cartoon Network canceled my show Sheep in the Big City in late 2001 (to replace it with my best pal's show!) the network asked me to come up with a special that would wrap everything up.

Things got a little hairy for General Specific and Private Public at the end of Sheep in the Big City's run.

For those 6 of you who watched the show, I don't have to tell you it was about a Sheep in the Big City trying to escape General Specific and other military baddies from capturing him for use in a Sheep-Powered Ray Gun.  Sheep always escaped, but for this final show I knew he had to be captured.  Just not by General Specific.

Lucky dude.
Instead a new rival was created, Admiral Qualities, a guy for whom everything always worked out.

What a josher...
He brought with him his mother's sister, Auntie Air Craft, who was... volatile.

We threw in everything including the kitchen sink.
Oh, yeah, and there was this guy:

My fellow Americans... And Swiss...
You guessed it, that's the Commander in Cheese.

The special was never made (I know, I know), so we'll never know how it ended.

My poor characters get out of dodge.

Anyway, I was too busy writing stories for my best pal's new (hit) show.

(and that was a decade ago...)

Speaking of things that didn't work out, pal Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) has just published a book about breaking up with Maira Kalman, so they asked a bunch of author pals to write a brief quote about their break-ups.  You can see mine along with pals Brian Selznick, Holly Black, Lisa Brown, and others right here.