Monday, January 30, 2012

Starting an Elephant & Piggie (and CYBILS finalist)

When I start working out an Elephant and Piggie story I take all of my sketches, notes, and pagination charts from my notebook and transfer the story into very rough drawings on small pieces of drawing paper.

This serves as a pitch for the story and a guide for the rhythm of the story.  It's so rough that it's easy to cut out, repose, or otherwise alter every beat quickly while still getting a sense of the piece's rhythm.

Here's a sample from a past volume: (click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

I'm currently at this stage for Elephant and Piggie #19 (!).  And while I can't give you a sneak peek as to how the pages look, I can give you a sneak listen to my drawing one page from the upcoming book:

Hope that doesn't give away too much.



Elephant and Piggie have been having a ball lately, with their Geisel Honor and ALA Notable citations.  On top of that, I've just found out that I BROKE MY TRUNK! is a finalist for the CYBILs in the Easy Reader Category.  The CYBILs are judged by passionate kids book fans who blog and chat about books.  They've been very, very nice to Elephant and Piggie in the past and it's a thrill to see that they still enjoy their adventures.

This year's list of finalists has some very stiff competition, any book on the list is deserving of a good read.

Thanks, CYBILs!