Monday, January 23, 2012


Yesterday was spent with my family visiting the museums and library in Springfield, MA that surround a fabulous series of sculptures featuring Dr Seuss characters and Ted Geisel himself.

Upon my return, I really did not expect to get a call from Dallas where the American Library Association is meeting to (among other things) dole out their prestigious awards for the year. The caller promised me a "long, crazy story" which turned out to be that Elephant and Piggie's I Broke My Trunk! has been awarded a 2012 Geisel Honor for  Early Readers.

This is not my first rodeo, but every time the phone rings I am more surprised and more flabbergasted and tongue tied than before.  Perhaps it is because as I age I am appreciating more and more my luck and the passion that comes from every single librarian I've ever met.

It is literally an honor to be recognized.

I thank you, librariansElephant Gerald and Piggie do too.

Congrats to all the other medalists and honorees this year.