Friday, February 17, 2012

You Say Hello, But I Say Dubai (+Great News & Theatre stuff)

I'm off to talk and draw with students in Dubai for a week or so (really).  It should be great fun as I love that part of the world and have yet to go to Dubai itself (pal Jack Gantos had fun there, but he can have fun anywhere).

I'll report on the trip upon my return.

And what an incredibly nice send off, Elephant & Piggie's brand new adventure LISTEN TO MY TRUMPET! has debuted this week on the NYTimes Bestseller List at #2!

Such a thrill.  Also to be in such good company this week.

Thanks to you as well, LISTEN TO MY TRUMPET! also hit the Indie-Bestseller list at #6 in Children's Interest.

Thanks Indie Booksellers!

While I'm away, The Pigeon might continue to "tweet".

Also, if you're in NYC, you can check out the first post-Kennedy Center production of KNUFFLE BUNNY: A CAUTIONARY MUSICAL at the Manhattan Children's Theater. The production runs from February 18 - March 25th.

Otherwise, have a look around the blog, visit or, or go read a book with a pal.

(and finally, here's some comic strip news that will delight or dismay... mo' info next month.)