Friday, March 9, 2012

"help I new this was not a good idea" Yay Fan Mail Faves!

Last month's fan mail was the biggest box ever.  Here are some favorites:

(Click on images to enlarge)

Love that my handwriting gets props!

Don't know who this guy is, she looks like a character from "Adventure Time", but I love her!

The whole gang!

Love that Wilbur, the Naked Mole Rat sneaks into this one.

A book idea suggested by many, many, many kids.

Love Piggie's self-confidence

Kids performing Elephant & Piggie skits for their pals.

So smiley & cocky.

A great Leonardo the Terrible Monster.

Blissed out Gerald

Shy Gerald

I'm glad to see you, too.

Man, do I dig the design on this Pigeon.  Really spectacular.

Gerald looks like he's floating.

Gerald & Piggie are both labeled.

Yay Cat the Cat!

Leonardo's pals

It tastes like chicken!

Check out all of the Piggie Masks!

So happy!

I received some very nice birthday wishes from February.

Joy and Sadness.


The colors rock!

"Blah Blah"  Ha! Love it.


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Fan mail is for me to communicate directly with my readers, not open Nigerian bank accounts.