Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm back!

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I've just returned from a fun holiday.  While I was away, Universal Syndicate ran the comics I pinch hit for pal Richard Thompson's Cul De Sac.  It was great fun to play around with his characters.  You can see the work starting here (then click onto the arrow for the next day).

Thanks again to Stacy Curtis for inking them.

There's still as Sunday strip of mine coming in April which I hope you enjoy.

My break was spent with the family in Paris where we happened upon a few things of interest for illustration.

Go see this if you are in the area!
Firstly, the Hotel de Ville had a fantastic retrospective of Sempe's work with over 300 pieces spanning the master's 60 or so year career. Truly a knock-out, must see exhibit.  It was also fun to see posters and what not of the feature film version of Gascony & Sempe's classic Le Petit Nicolas in the bookstore section of the exhibit as it was written and directed by a pal for a quarter century, Laurent Tirard (check out the fantastic title sequence cleverly utilizing Sempe's astounding work)

Much time was spent with some Swiss pals, Freddie & Marie (who helped me read my work last year in Paris) visiting comic & book shops.  It was fun to see French editions of Cul de Sac, pals Brian Selznick, Rick Riordan, R. Sikoryak, and even this:

Brand new. I haven't gotten my copy yet.  Good translation, even if they do name the animals.
On an unrelated note, go visit the Musee de la Music.  Great fun!

This week will be quite busy (and have some special surprises) relating to next week's release of THE DUCKLING GETS A COOKIE?!

The tour starts on Sunday (and has been updated with Toronto details)