Friday, March 16, 2012

Mo De Sac (+I'm off)

I'm off with the family for an anticipated week of travel without work or public obligations.

While the blog will be dormant, that doesn't mean you won't get new stuff to look at over the week, because I will be filling in for CUL DE SAC cartoonist Richard Thompson all of next week.

Richard can DRAW.

As recently reported in the Washington Post, Richard, who is currently fighting the good fight against Parkinson's disease, pulled in a who's who of pinch hitters over the past few weeks.

My week of comics, inked by the Spectacular Stacy Curtis, will start on Monday March 19th and run through Saturday the 25th.

I've also doodled up a Sunday strip, which will run on April 15th.

Here's a sneak peek of one of the daily panels in my pencils:

I hope you'll read your local paper or check 'em on-line.   This isn't my first rodeo pinch hitting (how's that for mixing metaphors).  This time wasn't easy, but it was fun trying to squeeze into Richard's wonderfully insane world.

(And while we're talking Cul De Sac, I can't wait for the publication or Team Cul De Sac, an anthology featuring every single great cartoonist ever doing their riff on the strip to benefit Parkinson's research! -- The cover is here)

See y'all next week.