Monday, April 9, 2012

Duckling recap & great new reviews!

I'm just back from tour, where I got to meet a bunch of nice folks.  I had great fun, even if some of my new fans were animals:

At a pre-show party, they brought a skunk...

And an alligator!  So cool!
Here are some more pix:
The McFadden Lecture for the Indianapolis Library was great fun! I jumped around-
Taught everyone how to animate-

And read stories!

I was also awarded an Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Award.  A thrill!

Backstage in Nashville! Booksellers at a fancy, dress up, pool party.

The crowd in Boston.

The Pigeon's Birthday was last week.

The Pigeon's Cousin showed up in Nashville.
You can see mo' photos from St. Louis here.

And here's an interview made during the tour about my work.
And while I was away, the Sacramento Bee wrote a nice review of THE DUCKLING GETS A COOKIE!?, calling it hilarious.  Booklist also enjoyed the story, saying:

"Willems has an extraordinary ability to convey immediate, deep characterization with a few deft strokes. He knows, too, how to spread the action across a picture book, carefully managing the panels and page turns to ramp up the drama. Fans will delight at another outing, and the protagonist’s indelible pigeonality will welcome newcomers to the club."

Love the word "Pigeonality"!

Thanks Sac Bee & Booklist!

Now to unpack & get back to work...