Friday, April 20, 2012

In-Law doodles...

I've been remiss in posting dinner doodles, not because we haven't been drawing every night, but I've neglected to take any images.

A recent visit by the In-Laws meant long dinners spent doodling on our dining room paper table cloth.  I'm happy to say years of reluctance has given way to unrestrained, unreserved doodles.

I wish I'd taken a picture of my mother in law's doodle from the previous night, a terrifying monster. It makes a great companion to this lovely flower & friends.

My wife got into the pattern/flower thing, too...

Father in law's school of fish with stripes.  Awesome.

The Trixter's evocative faceless mystery women.  A product of listening to a bunch of Fado recently? Who knows.

Still drawing commuting penguins... I like the lion head, tho'.

There is no such thing as a wrong drawing, and these sure are fun.

Why not have a dinner doodle with some extended family?  It's fun!

Oh, and I liked this quote I ran across while visiting the lovely Indianapolis, IN Museum of Art a week or so back: