Thursday, April 12, 2012

LISTEN TO MY TRUMPET! gets 2 starred reviews!

Piggie may not play the trumpet very well, but that hasn't stopped the Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books or School Library Journal from giving LISTEN TO MY TRUMPET 2 starred reviews.

The BCCB says:

"The punchline strikes a beautiful note even if Piggie doesn’t, as Willems manages yet again to pull off the perfect dual audience move: Gerald’s adult-like misunderstanding of Piggie’s intentions and the revelation of Piggie’s actual motive will ring true to youngsters and will elicit surprised and delighted eeps from older reading partners at the unaffected sweetness of childlike empathy and friendship." 

While the SLJ remarks:

"Willems squeezes so much information and emotion out of the barest of illustrations: Gerald sticking his tongue out in concentration as he maneuvers his bulk onto the tiny stool Piggie has provided for him reminds readers of what a physically odd couple they are; Piggie reverently embracing her trumpet before proceeding to blast the heck out of it speaks to her true motivation for getting it in the first place, as is revealed in the surprisingly sweet ending."

Thanks BCCB & SLJ! I hope you enjoy LISTEN TO MY TRUMPET! when you get a chance to read it!