Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy eBirthday to us all!

Many years ago someone posted on some website that I was, in fact, an Italian who was born on May 24.

Consequently, I've been getting birthday wishes in my fan mail every May for years.  In the beginning, I had no idea why.

Since most, but not all, Wiki-type sites have corrected this odd error, I have decided that May 24 is my eBirthday. (I even made the Adelaide, Australia's Horoscope today).

Not only mine, but EVERYONE'S.

That's right EVERY SINGLE PERSON, including YOU is Italian (or eTalian) and EVERY SINGLE PERSON, including YOU gets to have a birthday ice cream today because I said so on the INTERNET.

So in honor of all the misinformation floating around out there, HAPPY eBIRTHDAY to YOU!