Thursday, May 10, 2012

Read It & Weep!

 What happens when you combine the indie-hipster vibe of the Center for Cartoon Studies and the establishment of the National Cartoonist Society to work on a project together? Something to make you cry.

The Cartoon Crier is a really amazing 36 page comic featuring morose strips by an astonishing array of inidie and traditional cartoonists.  You got your Blondie,  Cul de Sac, Rhymes with Orange, Beetle Bailey, and Mutts next to Sam Henderson, R.O. Blechman, Ivan Brunetti, and James Kochalka!

The list goes on & on & on (There's even a drawing in there by yours truly-p.25)!

I'm a member of the NCS & have spoken at the CCS.  While both are quite different, they share a real passion for comics, all kinds of comics and this project is a great demonstration of that passion.

AND, you can read the whole thing online!

Thanks to master cartoonist & pal R. Sikoryak for wrangling this hugely cool project into shape. Check it out!