Monday, June 4, 2012

Team Cul De Sac releases tomorrow + AUCTION!

Designer Chris Sparks gathered a Who's Who of great cartoonists and illustrators in this tribute book to the excellent comic strip Cul de Sac and it's creator Richard Thompson.

Richard has been battling Parkinson's with great wit and determination (remarking on his physical therapy he's said, "I've only been in for an evaluation, but the therapy largely consists of big, exaggerated movements and sweeping silly walks that will so embarrass your body that it'll start behaving itself, I hope. Also I'll learn 10 ways to defeat a mugger by falling on him.")

This excellent Team Cul de Sac volume is part of an effort to help fun research into treating and ultimately defeating this insidious disease.

Inside you'll find amazing illustrations and cartoons from the likes of Gary Trudeau, Bill Amend, R. Skoryak, Stephan Pastis, Patrick McDonnell, Sergio Aragones, Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman, and even Bill Watterson (!) and many more. (I'm also in there somewhere).

You can get a special copy signed by Chris or pick it up at your favorite shop (or here).

EVEN MORE EXCITING is the auction of the original art in the book that is taking place right now!

That's right, even the first drawing Bill Watterson has done for anyone since Calvin & Hobbes is on auction!  This is a great chance to get great work by the greats.

Or, you can bid on my 2-piece Elephant & Piggie/Alice hybrid here.

All of the money goes to Parkinson's research.

Seriously, check it out.  There is some amazing stuff out there.