Monday, August 13, 2012

Hooray for Preview Copies!

The old mail bag had a special treat recently, preview copies of two new books DON'T LET THE PIGEON FINISH THIS ACTIVITY BOOK! and Elephant & Piggie's LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE!

DON'T LET THE PIGEON FINISH THIS ACTIVITY BOOK! has been a labor of love (and fun) that has taken over 2 years to create.  With over 250 pages of games and puzzles AND a narrative, I wanted this book to be more than an activity book, I wanted it to be an EVENT book.  So, I turned to my old writing buddy from my TV days, Mr. Warburton, to collaborate and we got to work.

In this book you'll learn how to draw The Pigeon, then make your own Pigeon book, then have a book signing (making posters and ads for it, creating your own michrophone for your giant audience!).  You'll also make puppets, create a puppet show, and review it in your very own newspaper.  That doesn't include all of the other drawing, coloring, mazes, and humongous airport building activities.

The book features a new villain, The Mad Cow, and has hundreds of new drawings of The Duckling, The Pigeon, and your guide throughout, The Bus Driver.

Scott Sosebee provides wonderful, clear graphic design.

Well, you can see I'm happy about this one, which will publish on October 2nd.

Here are some preview images:

Also publishing on October 2nd is Elephant and Piggie's LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE! In Let's Go for a Drive! Gerald and Piggie want to hit the road. But the best-laid plans of pigs and elephants often go awry.  I like this one; it's filled with silly props.

Here is a peek inside:

It's always a big thrill to have the real books in your hands after all the time spent sweating the details on screens, on paper, and in printouts!

I hope you'll enjoy both efforts when they come out in the fall.  Mr. Warburton and I have a few events planned where we'll show you the activity book and play around.