Friday, January 4, 2013


Here are some drawings that the family doodled during dinner over the holidays.

As you can see, my wife likes abstractions, my daughter digs manga, and I am having fun with color and props.

During the recent holidays we also had a few pals over, which meant more doodling! Here are some highlights:

Angela DiTerlizzi with additions...

A pretty, pretty Rebecca Guay.

Peter DeSeve draws some guy holding forth too much.

Love this; someone hid an elephant in a kids' scribbles

Rebecca Guay again.

Tony DiTerlizzi's monsterous reading material.

Some of Scott Fisher's pals.

Love this dude from Joe Dulude

Bob Marstall wind spirit blowing a kids' scribbles around.
Why don't you draw with YOUR family or friends or both tonight? It's fun.