Monday, January 28, 2013

LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE! wins Geisel Honor!

I was awakened last night by a phone call with the most wonderful news, the American Library Association's Geisel Committee has awarded Elephant and Piggie's LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE! a Geisel Honor!

 ALA has been very generous regarding my books, Elephant and Piggie's in particular.  But, I must say that every time I get the call it's more exciting than the last time. The honor feels all the more special.

It's been a decade since I started my quixotic journey of trying to make funny books for children and their ilk. And it is thanks to the support and passion of librarians and teachers that I am able to continue doing so.

Every project is a new adventure, a plan that, like Elephant and Piggie's plans in this book, go awry.  It is a challenge to let these stories go their own way.  It is a joy to see them out in the real world with real readers.  It is wonderful to know that those who actually use my books think they are worth commending.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the great team at Hyperion and my agent who prod, challenge, and encourage me to do my best (by pointing out when I'm not doing my best).

Thank you, ALA.

Thank you, READERS!

(For those of you keeping score at home, this makes 10 stickers in 10 years. Or to put it another way 10 more incredible acts of recognition that I'd ever dreamed of receiving during a decade that I was sure would end with me scrambling to find a 3rd career.)