Monday, January 14, 2013

Scanner movie...

This morning, I found myself having to scan a batch of smaller sketches for a project.  I always keep the lid off of the scanner when I do this, so that each scrap of paper is framed by a pure black.

As I was scanning today, I started to notice and enjoy how the scanner's projected light danced around the wall as it bent around the paper.

I decided to try and create different effects by shaping paper.  VERY QUICKLY, I took some cardboard and bristol board and cut it like this:

Here is the film it made against a piece of cardboard:

Then I plopped another board on top to create a triangle for the light to steer around.  It looked like this:

Here's what the light did:

Not sure if there's anything in this, but it sure was fun to play around with in the middle of a busy day of deadlines and work.

Illustrators, why not have fun with your scanner today?