Friday, May 10, 2013

A slew of dining room dinner doodles!

As readers of the blog know, the Willems family (and guests) spend our dinners doodling on the paper table cloth that we use for our meals.

These drawings are real doodles, nothing pre-thought out.  Just fun and letting loose.

They're a joy to do and to look at after.

Here are some recent doodles:

My wife is into abstractions, but this time she framed it.


Love the hair my kid has been drawing lately.

But there's always time for Kwai!

Pigeon's cousins

A rare non-abstract from my wife.

Horse whisperer from the POV of a horse...

LOVE this hair from my kid

From a hotel room during the last tour...

My mother-in-law has set the table.

Again, my mother-in-law

Monster fun!

My father-in-law playing with color!

And shapes!

Huzzah!  Why don't you have a dinner doodle with some family and/or friends?  It's fun!