Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fan Mail update... (+ May Fan Mail Faves)

For the past 10 years I have answered every fan letter forwarded to me via my publisher(s).  It's always a remarkable experience to see and hear from kids and adults who have either been changed by my work or have gone out and changed my work.

For the past several years I've been posting the highlights from each batch of mail.

At first the letters came in a trickle. After a few years, they came steadily.  Lately, it's been a flood.  Even month, on the first of the month, I get a box filled with ideas and drawings and notes and thoughts and, well, everything.

As soon as we get "the box", my wife and I sit down to opening, reading, and replying to every letter.  It is a process that usually takes a full business day.   At this point, we estimate that we've spent more than 4 months answering letters.

This being the 10th year of my being published we have also decided to celebrate our great good luck with several public events, like this June's retrospective exhibition at the Eric Carle Musueum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA.

We have also decided to take a break from the 6-7 day a week hard sprint of the last decade.  So, my family and I are going on a year long sabbatical abroad.  It will be a chance to read and write and drawn and paint with as few distractions as possible.

Consequently, as of the 20th of May, I will no longer be able to personally reply to fan mail.  

Which is not to say that letters sent to the publisher will go unanswered.  We will continue to reply to every letter with an monthly note  (written by me) and maybe some goodies.

I hope that you'll understand the rationale for taking a break and rest assured that I love seeing kids going off and making wonderful stories and drawings with my characters.  I hope that never stops.

I mean, just look at some of the great stuff that came in this month.

What a wonderful watercolor.

Love the "Knuffle Bunny Club!"

Here comes trouble...

This does not end well.

The Pigeon really does want to ride a unicorn!

Love this page from WE ARE IN A BOOK!


Wonderful pose.

Such great stuff!

There will be some more changes as my sabbatical approaches (some exciting ones that I think you'll enjoy), but it's important to get the fan mail systems working before I leave.  So, again, letters received by May 20th I will get to answer personally, after that we'll send you a letter written by me.

Thank you for understanding.

The address for mail is:

Mo Willems Fan Mail

c/o Ricardo Mejias 

Hyperion Books for Children (and Pigeons)

125 West End Ave, 3rd Fl
New York NY 10023
United States

Please follow these guidelines: 

Please be patient as it takes a while to get the mail forwarded to me, processed and returned.

Teachers, a cover letter with the grade of your students is appreciated.
Teachers, please send all mail in single envelope.

Please do not send books to be signed.  They will be returned. 

No pitches, business opportunities, offers, or book ideas will be considered. 

Fan mail is for me to communicate directly with my readers, not open Nigerian bank accounts.