Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Such fun!

Thanks to everyone who visited the R Michelson Galleries for the DON'T PIGEONHOLE ME! exhibit and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art for the SERIOUSLY SILLY exhibit.

It was a crazy busy weekend with over a thousand folks at the 3 events I attended over the weekend.

The staff and folks at the Michelson and the Carle were amazing as were the crowds.  Everyone was very, very nice.

Don't worry if you missed it, the Carle Museum show runs through February of 2014 and the Michelson show runs through August (to be followed by a show by pal Rebecca Guay).

During the Sunday event (which had 750+ folks doing activities, making wire sculptures, seeing art, and having hotdogs), curator Nick Clark conducted an unscientific scientific poll.  He says:

I spent Sunday afternoon working the line asking guests two questions:
1.       Would you let the Pigeon drive the bus?
2.       If the Pigeon were driving the bus, would you get on the bus?
I broke out the responses between adults and children [under 10] and here is what I learned:
220 adults responded and 185 children:
For Question #1: 122 adults or 55% would let the Pigeon drive the bus and 70 children or 38% answered in the affirmative.
For Question #2: 88 adults or 40% would get on the bus and 69 children or 37% would hop on.
I would suggest that children come across as consistently more sensible.

I agree with his conclusion.

Here are some images from the events plus a video about my Magnet Doodles: 

Folks at the DON'T PIGEONHOLE ME! show

Hanging with younger fans at the members event at the Carle.
Being interviewed by curator Nick Clark.  It was a great conversation, really fun.

Part of what made the events so special was being surrounded by pals, my editor, agent, and many of the folks I've worked with for many, many years.  Here I am with pals Tony DiTerlizzi and Norton Juster.
Lots of photo ops at the Carle event!