Monday, July 15, 2013

Dining Room Dinner Doodles & news

As readers of this blog know, most nights we draw on our paper table cloth after dinner chez Willems.  We call it Dining Room Dinner Doodles. This summer we started a new roll of paper and for the first time it's not white, but brown.  Having colored paper has already changed our doodles as they've become more color based and painterly.  A painter lays down the color first, a cartoonist the line.  Somehow with white paper the drawings seemed to be about the line, now they're about the form.  A fun discovery.

Here are some recent doodles (starting with white paper ones):

Spots courtesy of Soy Sauce...

My kid's work keeps getting more & more interesting.

As do my wife's abstrations.

Just because you're not supposed to surprise a Rhino, doesn't mean the Rhino can't surprise you.

I made this pup.
Then my wife made a few of her own.

Now we get to the brown paper.  Almost all of the colors really pop on this paper.

Ode to my favorite comic strip, Cul de Sac.

My wife's abstractions are so bright with this new paper!

My kid has an eye for drawing.

After drawing this, I couldn't find my glasses...


It's been great to see folks tweeting their own Dining Room Dinner Doodles and big drawing parties with pals and family.  Keep it up!  It's fun.

The folks at Media Bistro have a small, fun piece about my early work (collected in DON'T PIGEONHOLE ME!), self-publishing, & writing advice.  Check it here.

Love those costumes!
Thanks to the 700+ very nice people who showed up at the Eric Carle Museum for our screenings (including a sneak peek at the upcoming animated Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator!)  It was a great signing and I got to wear my brand new Pigeon shirt!

The Pigeon doodle wall at the museum makes me happy.  So does this shirt.

In other thankful news, thanks to you Elephant & Piggie's A BIG GUY TOOK MY BALL! perches on the NYTimes Bestseller list at #5.  Thanks, you!