Friday, August 28, 2015


It's back to school time!   

September promises to be filled with fun theater, exhibitions, and mo'!




The exhibit is based on the 2013 solo show at the Eric Carle Museum, with added original work and cool interactive stuff. Don't miss it!

I'm very excited about the exhibit and hope you'll have a blast viewing it!

The exhibit runs through January of 2016.  


The R. Michelson Gallery will present NORTHAMPTON, a exhibition of my personal work documenting my town during the last year (and a companion to last year's PARIS exhibit).

The show runs the whole month of September, with an opening on Arts Night Out that I will be attending from 6-8pm on Sept. 11, 2015.  

You can see some of the work on the Michelson Gallery site.

Please pop by and say 'hello' if you're in the area.


There are 2 productions of  of the vaudevillian adventure ELEPHANT & PIGGIE'S WE ARE IN A PLAY! opening in September. 

 I hope you'll get a chance to see the shows if you're in the area!
If you can't make it to any of the shows, the original cast album of ELEPHANT & PIGGIE is available here!  


Elephant & Piggie's "We are in a Play!"

The NORTHWEST CHILDREN'S THEATER production of WE ARE IN A PLAY! opens on Sept. 26th and runs through October 25th

Tickets and details here.


Elephant & Piggie's "We Are in a Play!"

The CHILDREN'S THEATER OF CHARLOTTE production of WE ARE IN A PLAY! opens on Sept. 26th and runs through October 11th

Tickets and details here.


This year's summer break was wonderful and punctuated by some very nice news, including Elephant & Piggie's latest adventure, I WILL TAKE A NAP! immediately debuting on the New York Times Bestseller List at #1.  Both I WILL TAKE A NAP! & WAITING IS NOT EASY! spent most of the summer on the list. Thanks to you!

The New York Times even apologized for a previously less than stellar review of the series!   An unnecessary move, but very nice. (factual edit, the final E+P book will appear in 2016) 


Next month will be very exciting as it will see the publication of two very different books of mine.

First, on Oct. 13, my collaboration with pal and artist extraordinaire Tony DiTerlizzi, THE STORY OF DIVA & FLEA will be released.

This is my first chapter book and I'm very excited to have some big readers check it out.

There will be a few public events for the book (more on that next month).  But for now, you can check out this short documentary with Tony and I as we discuss the process of making the book.

Here's another interview with Tony and I earlier this May at Book Expo.

  Booklist loved the book, saying in a starred review:
Willems has written a story with winning characters and bursting with tender charm, which is further amplified by DiTerlizzi’s expressive, vintage-style illustrations. Humor and sincerity walk paw-in-paw through this simple chapter book, inspiring exploration, bravery, and making friends. Be warned, excessive smiling may occur while reading. 
The School Library Journal loved the book to, saying in their starred review: "young readers will find much to love about Diva and Flea."

Kirkus liked the book, enjoying my "adroit storytelling" & Tony's "charming illustrations."

I hope you enjoy the book when it comes out. 

And look out for Elephant & Piggie's 2nd to last adventure, I REALLY LIKE SLOP!, which will publish on Oct. 27. 


The Carle Honors is a great annual NYC event hosted to celebrate all kinds of wonderful folk who work in the world of children's books and to benefit the ERIC CARLE MUSEUM OF PICTURE BOOK ART. 

It's a great event that will be held on Thursday, September 24th.

I'll be attending as a civilian and have donated an original drawing from I'M A FROG! for their annual auction.  You can bid on it at the event, or here on-line

Lots of great folks have donated work all of which is currently on view at BOOKS OF WONDER on 19th Street in Manhattan.


The Knuffle Bunny Musical recently played at the Aliance Theater in Atlanta (where a CAT THE CAT performance, PLAY THE PLAY WITH CAT THE CAT for the VERY young will premier in October).  Here is an interview with me about the production and my history as a doodler. 

I made an appearance in Boston in late June and the Boston Globe asked me a few questions about my work.  The piece is here. 

A second, more in-depth article appeared soon after. 

Here's a nice story about a nice guy (brave, too) who happens to be the librarian in Ferguson, MO and kept the library open throughout the troubles. Thanks to Daniel Handler, Jackie Woodson, and Scott for a great afternoon!

Audiofile Magazine likes the audio book of GOLDILOCKS & THE THREE DINOSAURS! 


Check out my comic strip of explorations and gags called FROM THE MO WILLEMS SKETCHBOOK

I'm sharing drawings from my sketchbook, dining room dinner doodles, abstractions, photo-gags, and mo' most every weekday.  I hope you'll visit the strip often and that it will provide the occasional smile or giggle. 


That's September's post. If you want to poke around the blog, some topics that might interest you are on the sidebar.

Meanwhile, I'm sure The Pigeon will keep tweeting...